Fables and Folk Tales
Au Pays d'en Haut (To the North Country)

The Crown and the Colliers



by Mike Peterson - illustrated by Clio Chiang (color/b&w)
14 chapters

A bi-racial boy finds himself between two hostile factions in a 16th Century kingdom -- His father’s people, the short, dark mountain peasants, and his mother’s, the tall, fair-haired people who rule the nation. He also finds himself caught up in political intrigue, a pawn of the Queen, who seeks to find, and kill, the girl who lives with the Short rebels and their allies, the reclusive colliers. This is a “Treasure Island”- style action thriller,  with lessons about tolerance and diversity, historic notes on the period, and a teaching guide that emphasizes note-taking.

Download Teacher's Guide (pdf)

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three


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