I Will Come Home
From Seneca Falls to the Polling Booth


by Mike Peterson - illustrated by Christopher Baldwin (color/b&w)
9 chapters

"Hooch" is set on America's northern border in the days of Prohibition. Kenny Rascoe's father died in the World War, his mother in the influenza epidemic. Now his chief influences are his uncles: Raymond, the strait-laced customs officer who took over much of his father's role, and George, who Kenny discovers is a bootlegger. Raymond is a source of security and good advice, but George has a flashy roadster and exciting friends. Kenny's classmates are impressed that he knows famous gangster Eddie Nickels and his beautiful flapper girlfriend, but the fun ends when someone close to Kenny has a violent encounter with rumrunners.

*(This shorter serial is priced at two-thirds our standard price)

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Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three


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