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Hi, I'm a Belgian cartoonist, who has published both his political/editorial cartoons in large parts of the world, but who also has a single panel gag cartoon series named Hara Kiwi.
Until now, 12 books and a special have been published in Dutch, one in German and some anthologies in English.
You can order them all at my site at (i send worldwide)

Aaron Uglum

My first two books, Been Winter and Outside the Box, are available in paperback at
They're collections of family friendly panel cartoons with the addition of some multi-panel cartoons beginning with Outside the Box. A wide range of subjects offers something for everyone.

James Banks

Doctor Leviathan issue #1 was published in 2005 with a print run of 5000 copies but there are still a few copies available at leviathan comics website and

website for Doctor Leviathan is

M. Rasheed

Check out the Monsters 101 graphic novel series by M. Rasheed! Featuring the Adventures of Pugroff & Mort, it is an action-adventure tale with elements of classic horror, fantasy and black humor that will both fascinate and tickle a mature, savvy audience.

Catch up on the first seven titles at our online Bookstore by clicking the website link below!

M. Rasheed, Cartoonist-Publisher
Monsters 101 graphic novels
Second Sight Graphix

Jantze Studios

Free "The Norm" comics are available for your iPad and iBook app. Find them on iTunes ... just search "jantze".

Godel Fishbreath
For Jenner's webcomic.

Also Code Name: Hunter selfpublishes.
as well as having all but the most recent strips in electronic format.

Both of these webcomics in paper form can be found by hunting around the above website. CN:H needs something to distinguish the paper from the electronic. They actually do, but it is difficult to notice.

Godel Fishbreath

Doc Rat by Jenner is both a good for puns and some excitement webcomic, and is self published. You can order the books from 'Jenner' in Australia.

Anne Morse Hambrock

The first collection of comics from The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee is now available. With over 300 daily and Sunday comics, the book is packed full of little extras. Edison's recipe for Solar Cooked Popcorn and How to make an Origami Starship Enterprise, just to name a few. There are also behind the scenes commentaries, some never published "killed" strips, and an introduction by Greg Walker.

John is happy to sign and personalize your copy - just remember to ask for this in the Special Instructions field when you place your order.

For a full explanation for why we don't sell on Amazon go read about it here.

Dave Blazek

The fifth collection of Loose Parts cartoons – Attack Of The Chortling Stomach – is now out. And every cartoon has been lab tested and is cholesterol-free. You can get yours at When you order, just use the Special Instructions field to tell me you saw it here and I'll draw a doodle inside and sign it for you. I am not responsible for paper cuts but I have provided a drool-resistant cover. Dave Blazek.

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