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Great post


In order of occurrence above: stay in school exhortation good from the new guy already head of school board; I knew I played the violin badly - didn't know he'd ever met one; Carl Keiser debater: his father was a general in WW2; Boy Scouts at Batz' really nice bunch of boys, whole family very small people, church in Annville PA, Eckenroth brood almost the other half of the congregation with Betsy, Lucy Nana, and Jack worked for us at some time (Jack with the pachysandra); Dick Ketter Tony's godfather - all wedding party a bit older - bride's son about Rick's age and photos of Ketter/Peterson golf foursome with the boys are somewhere; Larpenteurs were Frances's godparents, Bishops our neighbors near Colebrook Rd. with big new house; I think we paid about $6500 for Harris St. house; the dentist gave out the plaster animals, not that fantastic Dr. Kerr who delivered the three babies born in Lebanon, a truly great man with legendary ugly beautiful English bulldog. Did not know Mrs. James C's husband was an alderman! Elizabeth Peterson born Nov. 24, 1925.

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