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Robert H Cunningham

Not only is mother's milk healthier , I like the container it comes in.

Sean Martin

Thank you for the nice plug, Mike. I didnt see the mention on Sunday, and I apologize for that. Thanks for that as well.

Blinky the Wonder Wombat

Mackerel-snapper? I thought you'd be above petty religious name-calling. And no comment on the fact that three of the four the Clinton/Obama appointees are Jewish and the other is Catholic?

Mike Peterson

It's like the N-word, Blinky -- You can use it if you are one.

I'd have commented on the others if I felt the problem was a president reaching for liberals. But I don't at the moment, and I'm more comfortable making generalities about my own people anyway. I'll defend this one.

Blink the Wonder Wombat

I don't understand why it's ok for one group to use derogatory terms for themselves. Furthermore, isn't the exception for ethnic groups and only then among themselves? Catholics are not an ethnic group and this is a public space, so I don't think the exception applies in this case.

You don't think the Supreme count nominations over the past 40 years have been reaching out to the sitting presidents base? The years of selecting a sage jurist for the highest court in the land has long past. Besides, Trump's base is Evangelical Christians, his support among Catholics is tepid at best, especially as Latinos are the fastest growing segment of American Catholics. Given the traditional distrust if not outright hatred Evangelicals have for Catholics, it would seem Kavanaugh would not go over as well as a Conservative Evangelical jurist.

I wonder if the Catholic/Jewish dominance of the SCOTUS is somehow a modern version of Catholics and Jews entering the police force because other career paths are closed to them. In some parts of the country it is hard for Catholics and Jews to get elected to public office, so they drift towards the Judicial Branch?

Mike Peterson

Not sure why you'd need to understand it. It's a social convention of some long standing. (I also refer to my fellow Irish as "Micks." There are other terms I would not use for either group.)

Catholics may not be all from one country but they're much like an ethnic group. I had a professor who scoffed at the idea of being "ex-Catholic" for that reason -- he said it was so strong an identity that you could no more be ex-Catholic than you could be ex-Italian. James Joyce and others would concur.

As for why they are so popular as conservative jurists, I covered that, albeit sarcastically.

There are a lot of moderate and liberal Catholics who like the fact that the Pope smiles but wish he would ordain women and, if he won't do away with clerical celibacy, at least come up with more rulings that indicate a sympathy with non-celibate people.

However, there are a large and dominant number of Catholics who can be relied upon to be militantly pro-Life, even anti-contraceptive, and Thomistic in whatever casuistry is needed to push forth a conservative agenda. Whether you consider them bound for Hell because they follow the Bishop of Rome is irrelevant if they carry the right water and hew the proper wood while on this Earth.

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