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Brian Fies

Thanks a lot, Mike! I wondered where those fresh hits were coming from.

Except for the extremely lucky one in a million, making graphic novels pays a lot less per hour than working a drive-thru window for a fast food chain. Only a fool would do it for the money. But I have all the respect for someone who says, "You know what? I've given it a shot and it's just not worth it. My time's more valuable than that." I think that's a conversation we should all have with ourselves regularly.

I may turn "Marginal and Respected" into a bumper sticker, and would be proud to have it on my tombstone.

Craig "Wendell" Wittler

Re:Berkeley Breathed
A lot of people are debunking the lawyer letter since neither the letterhead nor the signature match a previous letter from the same lawyer (Internet Truth Squad strikes again). Not to mention how dubious a lawyer quoting his client "have your [censored] in a sling by lunch". There were other pictures on Breathed's Facebook photoshopping The Donald and his family members in Bloom County t-shirts that were taken down and replaced with one with generic shirt models. The fact that the one with Putin (and Trump with the design just partly visible) is still up is also evidence that this is a hoax.

I know from personal experience that Berkeley Breathed has a weird sense of humor. I wrote an article (under my silly pen name) in 2003 using Opus' voice http://www.today.com/id/3541319/ns/today-today_entertainment/t/opus-interview/ and had an email exchange with him in which he made some humorous threats himself. http://wendell.me/?p=1744

Maybe B.B. is just jealous that Garry Trudeau got a book of his Trump cartoons out before he did. Anyway, within the current run of the strip, Steve Dallas is trying to curry favor with The Donald while Opus is pitching his "most important political issue": putting two spaces after a period. https://www.facebook.com/berkeleybreathed/photos/a.114529165244512.10815.108793262484769/1571793379518076/
It must be noted that neither the "lawyer letter" nor his reply uses the two spaces in their formatting.


One of the things that 24 hour news initially promised was more time so they'd be able to cover the lesser stories. But, of course, that didn't happen... with no set period for the news, people could be tuning in at any time, and so the news just ended up "breaking" the same story again and again for those just joining.

Now it doesn't matter so much, because things have moved on to 24 hour news being almost entirely the editorials and opinion. You have to watch for quite a long period of time to run into news (which might actually do a real "break" of their non-news regular programming).

sean martin

To be honest, I lost a lot of respect for BB today.

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