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sean martin

I dont even know how to comment cartoon-wise on this appalling disaster. What started out as a joke campaign — he even said as such — turned into a genuine, 100% made-in-America fiasco in which all those flyover folks gleefully accepted the swill he and the rest of the GOP was throwing out there. No matter how outrageous, no matter how much a distortion, they believed it and accepted it as Gospel, and the video is out there to prove it.

Sorry, bud, but your country is headed over a cliff, nukes and all. The ACA will be abolished, with nothing to take its place. Same sex marriage will be overturned by the very court that allowed for it. The EPA, the NEA, and other "entitlement" agencies will be gutted down to a single office with a nameplate on the door and no one inside.

So the people didnt like being thought of as flyovers? If that was their reason for voting for this monstosity, then indeed your country will now get the governance it so richly, richly deserves. The GOP led them by the nose with all kinds of mindless fears about terrorists and God only knows what all else... and they freaking believed every single word of it. Let's see how these people feel in a couple of years when they suddenly realize that, like most of his vendors and employees, Trump is selling them a bill of goods he has no intention of delivering.


I'm afraid that the country is in for a hard four year lesson in "Be careful what you wish for..."
And I think one of the underlying (no pun intended) factors in the lack of Hillary Enthusiasm was that, having just gone through 8 years of "America's First Black President" and all the attendant political drama, many people felt too fatigued to go through at least 4 years of "America's First Woman President" and the even greater drama that would have come with that.
And the Mighty Ship of State sails on...?


Heard on the news this morning that the Canadian immigration website was down. Guess I'll stick it out and see what happens. I keep remembering that he was a Democrat for a long time and hope some of it rubbed off. But I don't have a good feeling about it. I'll be reading more fiction for the next few years.

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