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sean martin

I'm not so sure it was the waning days of VietNam, considering those gosh-durn hippies (who were a bunch of anti-war traitors, ya know) had their shirts and bandanas and... stuff... made from Old Glory, and it, you know, really ticked people off to see America's symbol manhandled by a bunch that clearly had no respect for it in the first place!

OK, seriously, go look at the 25 September 1970 issue of LIFE, which had a cover article about "the new male plummage". The first photo — a long-fringed shirt made with a pattern suggesting the Stars and Stripes — got the editors in all kinds of trouble. It was disrespectful. It was unpatriotic. Hell, it was probably some Communist plot. And people, doncha know, were pretty upset about it.

I dont know when the US started this mania for Old Glory micro-kinis and gigantic XXXXL shirts that were meant to cover the miracle of men in eminent danger of giving birth to quintuplets, but it was sometime later.

As for the visual response to Orlando? This was mine: https://docandraider.com/comic/orlando/. It was met, as you can see, aside from the dozen or so who follow my strip on FB, with nary a peep. We dont like seeing violence up close and personal, you know: gratuitous, well-intended gestures like half-raised flags and candlelight vigils are much like the SJWs passing on a meme or two about how terrible it was, then sitting back in personal approbation for their glorious gesture against... well, something. Just like the GOP mouth-breathing their "thoughts and prayers" while screaming that this should be met by bombing the crap out of... well, someone, many others preferred to distill the complexity of that situation down to calls for "change"... again. Somehow. Somewhere. Not sure what but we'll deal with it in November. Good god, even the funerals became political theatre.

But here's the thing (and sorry for the rant, Mike, but...). If you want to distill what happened in Orlando down to one simple statement that can be tossed around Facebook, it's this: America is one seriously fucked-up country, and it doesnt have the balls to admit it. It's gone so far off the rails that I dont think anything short of a mass-societal bitch slap, accompanied by sending everyone to a Time Out Corner, is going to force folks to see that. Your right wing is now so extreme that it sees monsters not only under the bed, but in the closet, behind the sofa, and up in the attic with Grandma. Your left wing is impotent to do anything beyond scrunch up a handkerchief and wail "Oh my stars and garters. Oh my stars and garters." And everyone in the centre is more obsessed with seeing who won on Dancing with the Stars.

Good luck in finding a way out of this mess. You're gonna need it.

Richard John Marcej

As I read today's post (and the posted comment) while drinking my morning coffee and eating breakfast, there were two lines that struck me.

One, from Sean: "I dont know when the US started this mania for Old Glory micro-kinis" As soon as I read this, and since I too lived through the 70's, I'm wondering if it wasn't the lead up to and crazed celebration of, the Bicentennial. Looking back on it now it's easy to forget just how much of a marketing mania this was in the ol' USA, It may have been the opening of the floodgates for the free use of the flag, just about everywhere you looked.

The second line today that struck me was from Mike: "anything that might give Obama an apparent victory". While I've been aware of this point for years, just reading this today drove home, not only how screwed up our government leaders are, but just how screwed up all of mankind is. For all the intelligence, for all the know how, for all the amazing things humans have created in the past thousands and thousands of years, it's that ego. That selfish attitude of "Screw what makes sense, forget about doing something that what would be the betterment for all, if I pass this legislation or make this sweeping change, it'll make me look like a loser. So I won't" that has doomed our species from ever reaching the enlightenment and peaceful existence that we could and should.

Now to get back to my coffee and bowl of Lucky Charms,

John Mara

Your "Why is that?" comment brought up a memory for me.

I was a teenager on vacation with my family at Petrified Forest National Park. We noticed that the flag at the ranger station was at half staff. So we asked the ranger who had died. It was Earl Warren.

Mike Peterson

A lot died with him.


Had a long drive this week and we saw several flags flying at half-staff. Then there were the two car dealers with huge flags--one flown full staff, one a token foot or so from the top--because the flags were so unseemly large they would hit the vehicles, if not the ground, if the flag were lower.

Mary in Ohio

When we entered I-Rack, there was such a kerfluffle about who was a real patriot that I put up a flag and vowed it would stay up (it was tacked to the side of the house - in the proper configuration - and sheltered from rain) until the war ended.. But I finally had to take it down when it became so faded and worn that I was afraid I would be considered Not Patriotic.

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