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Sherwood Harrington

That Pluto voting thing is amusing. Note that voters are casting votes whose totals will only be "taken into consideration" by the SETI Institute (which has no formal standing in the matter) when they make their suggestions to the IAU. Paraphrasing SETI icon Carl Sagan's famous remark about God, you can skip a couple of steps by making your suggestions directly to the IAU.


As a note, although still relevant, the Doonesbury is a re-run, it's from last year (February 06, 2012), so you could easily go see the rest of the arc.

Mike Peterson

Grr. I hate when reruns are not marked. But, as you say, still relevant. Maybe moreso, since I'd have remembered it if it had seemed this relevant a year ago.


Something like a year ago, r.a.c.s. got into a slamfest about Brooke McEldowney and his refusal to allow comments on his strips at gocomics. McEldowney is disliked there, but there's a bigger issue of how wretched it is to have comment threads appended to your work, but to have no administrative power over the nutjobs who thrive on it. I was …um…spitting against the wind when I said that it was open invite for wackos to come out of the woodwork, and asked if they'd feel the same if a cartoonist they respected more said the same thing.

Responses were (a) yes, we would, because McEldowney is an asshat; (b) You, nickelshrink, are calling the members of this group wackos! and (c) silence.

R.a.c.s seems at an earlier stage in this process, not yet a lunatic fringe, and still populated by some cool people, but with a higher incidence of people who don't really think it through. Higher even than when you left.

Mary in Ohio

Rats! I missed the chance to vote on Pluto.I was going to suggest "Goofy" since Pluto was downgraded from being a planet and, though both he and Goofy are dogs, Goofy wears clothes.

There are actual people who refer to it as "The War of Northern Aggression."

Sherwood Harrington

Ruth: re racs -- has it been firmly established over there whether or not cows are ever pastured on slopes?

Mike Peterson

You should go there and ask, Sherwood. If it has been settled, I'm sure they'd be willing to run through it again.



Mike Peterson

rec.arts.comic.strips, a newsgroup that once was a place fans and artists could interact, but where the artists were driven out by the commenters.

The cow discussion was a fellow who objected to a cartoon about a cow and a cliff on the basis that cows are never grazed on hills. This degenerated into a back-and-forth between people who had never seen a cow or a pasture or Iowa, and those who had at least seen pictures.

I left after being lectured on how newspapers work by experts who had never worked at one and apparently never read one.

But several of the people here met there in better times.

Sherwood Harrington

... and before the dunderheads started making things unpleasant, it really was a pleasant place to hang out. Not many usenet groups would collaborate on something like this, for example: http://talkingponies.com/racsGallery/racsgallery.html

(The gallery stopped being updated about five years ago, I think.)

Lost in A**2

(I guess they never heard about the Appalachian cows: their legs on one side are shorter than on the other.)

Mike Peterson

... and they wonder why we get such a kick out of sending them out to tip cows and hunt for snipe ...

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