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sean martin

Re the whole Doctor Who kerfuffle...

The thing for me was that here you have a show that's been on for a half century, and in every iteration of the good doctor, he's been this middle-aged-to-slightly-elderly white guy. Then, all of a sudden, the Beeb decides to bring in a very pretty, not-so-elderly-at-all blonde actress and suddenly say "Oh, the Doctor can be anything!"

Now perhaps I've missed something in my casual viewing of Who for all these years, but in all that time, no one really mentioned his shape-shifting abilities all that much, save in going from one middle-aged-to-slightly-elderly white guy to another. He was never, for example, an eight-armed, pink-skinned G'horf'at or, if one needed something more "relatable", anything other than white.

Nope, he's gone from a middle-aged-to-slightly-elderly white guy...

... to a hot, blond, white chick...

But we wont call it stunt casting. Nope, not us.

I would have applauded the Beeb more if they brought in some version of Miss Marple to play the role instead of an actress whose sole purpose appears to be so that the producers can ride the bandwagon of "female empowerment!" From my humble POV, this was — again — just stunt casting to shore up a show that's been jumping a few sharks of late. If, instead of the doctor's other tradition of a sartorial style that leans towards casually ill-kempt, she shows up in a fairly tight cat suit, you'll know I'm right. But no one will admit it.


The autograph is indeed very cool. And worth more when he runs for president.... :-)

Richard John Marcej

Very cool with the Franken autograph!
The only thing that may come close that I have, is an autograph from Sergio Aragones, which is not only his signature, but came with a personalized caricature.

Mike Peterson

No disagreement there, Sean, because you could say the same thing if he'd brought in a young, athletic white guy. And made him a snappy dresser.


Well, Doctor's 10 and 11 were not by any means "middle-aged".

sean martin

And I would have. Frankly, I"m surprised we havent seen action dramas on the CW that star 12 year olds. It's certainly headed in that direction because of "market forces". :-)

Brian Fies

I love the Franken autograph, great idea! My sisters asked him to inscribe a book to me, and he wrote "Hey Brian: Nice sisters!" That was nice; your "Genius!" is better.

Marcej's strip hit a slightly different spot with me. I know the numbnuts aren't worth engaging, I know no reasonable argument has ever changed an unreasonable mind, but it aches to just let lies and garbage fester unchallenged, with the result that anyone stumbling across that comment thread might believe *everyone* feels that way. Not engaging is definitely correct, for both sanity's and civility's sake, but I'm beginning to wonder if simply stating "I disagree" might be worthwhile in a "stand up and be counted" way. Just letting the bile pile up seems cowardly, and gives the numbnuts more comfort than they deserve. I'm mulling.

I like the Lio strip. Just want to note that, despite a meme currently rocketing around the Web, this Perseid shower will NOT be the brightest in history, nor will it light up the night sky as brightly as the sun. It's just a nice meteor shower. That's good enough.

nancy o.

Huh. TIL that someone who's still adorably boyish at age 33 is "middle-aged to slightly elderly." As is, apparently, someone athletic and handsome at age 27.

I'd hate to see what I'd be considered by this set of standards, since I'm in my 60s. Doddering, perhaps? Decrepit? Wizened?

nancy o.

(And btw, Jodie Whittaker is 35.)

Mike Peterson

(And I still think Jodie Whittaker was on "Family Affair")


I didn't have a whole lot to do with that autograph. Delighted that the one who did also got an excellent autograph for me but she did the hard work. I remembering hating those who called themselves "idea" people and left the work for others. And yet, here I am...

Richard John Marcej

The TV nerd in me knows that it was Johnny Whitaker who played Jody on "Family Affair".

As for the whole female Doctor Who kerfuffle, I never understood it.
We've HAD a female Time Lord (Lady?) already, Romana. Sure, she wasn't the Doctor, per se, she was his companion, but she was still a Time Lord (Lady?) and actually regenerated at least once during her run on the series.

Of course I realize that this happened ALL the way back in the 1970's, which I'm sure to many of the angry Who posters, since it happened before they were born, it never happened.

Hank G.

How long has it been since you actually read The Phantom? Or, did it simply slip your mind that the Phantom has twin children, Kit and Heloise, and Kit has been the presumed heir for some time now?

Mike Peterson

Ha! A very long time. I did know about the twins and it occurred to me that, if Rex turned the gig down, one of them would be the heir presumptive, but didn't want to weigh down the conversation with that detail.

But the same thing applies. I could see a black Phantom take over the gig.

Hank G.

There is no indication that they are ever going to let anyone succeed the current Phantom, who has held the job for 81 years. If they did, one way they could do what you are suggesting is to have the new Phantom marry a native woman.

They are actually running into a time compression problem. The current Phantom is the 21st. But there was an animated series, Phantom 2040 who was the 24th Phantom. Either they will just ignore the continuity of the series (most likely), or Kit and his son will have very short terms as the Phantom. Chances are, the current Phantom will still be active in 2040. Yes, I do think about things like this too much.

Kip W


Toon River Anthology, part 8

[*in the Bandar tongue]

I was born to follow the proud destiny of my father
And his father, and his father, and all their fathers
All the way back to the first Phantom in 1536.
I trained rigorously for years, learning science,
Languages, literature, martial arts, armaments,
Just as my fathers had before me.
But our fathers could not teach us who to love,
Or teach a heart to weigh consequences,
And because my father followed his heart, rather than tradition,
I was not suitable for my own destiny. I was miscast.
Father seemed not to notice. Perhaps he was acting too,
Perhaps he was truly oblivious. I played my part.
He was pleased with me right up to the day of his death.
And then I did what I had to do. I looked around
And found another who could fill the role I couldn't,
And avenge my father's death.
I franchised my destiny. I gave my birthright to another
For the sake of the legend of the undying Phantom.
I found one, light-skinned, well-formed, strong, quick-thinking, ruthless.
Now his dynasty will continue the work my forefathers did.
Though I've grown fat and bald, I continue to advise him
Behind the scenes. It's best this way. After all,
Who could ever believe in the myth of the eternal Ghost
When confronted by an undersized half-Bandar
With a round head made to wear a lampshade?

originally published at the Comics Curmudgeon

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