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sean martin

It really does astound me the amountof chest-bashing we saw after the election: where were these people in November? Out on some collective smoke break? Fully half of those who *could* vote didnt — didnt even bother with early voting or mail-in in those states where it applied. And while I'm sure there were the usual shenanigans to prevent some people from doing so, the simply fact remains: almost half who could have, didnt.

Maybe they'll learn from this next time. But I"m not holding my breath. Blue never was my colour.

Mary McNeil

For some reason, in high school I read a lot of Sinclair Lewis including It Can't Happen Here. In an odd reversal,now the Leader of the Free World is the Chancellor of Germany. Apparently something different could happen other places too.

sean martin

Mary, I'd say the leadership is now being shared among France, Germany, and Canada. Granted, Merkel is doing a lot of heavy lifting at the moment because the summit was held in Germany, but all three countries are now actively engaged and moving together to address the issues that Mr Trump and his cronies seem to wish would just go away by their own volition. And shockingly, China seems to have gotten on the climate change wagon and appears willing to work towards a solution — who would have ever expected that one?

Paul Berge

Sean's point reminds me that NPR reported this week that registered voters in Denver (that would be the blue dot in a red state) are requesting to UNregister in response to the Trump-Kobach data mining demand for voter registration details. These people's concerns for their own privacy will be happily accepted by the GOP in the interest of returning Colorado to Solid Redness.


"Well...ignorant and prejudiced people like to be deceived, and I think they deserve it when they are. Why confuse them with the truth?" - Paladin, Have Gun-Will Travel, The Monster of Moon Ridge episode, 1958.

And here we are sixty years later, standing in the same place still waiting for the same folks to see the light. We WILL get fooled again.

Mary McNeil

Mike - yes, you are right ! Thank goodness for that, too !

Ellen in PA

parnellnelson - I have always loved Have Gun - Will Travel. I looked at the episode credits, and I'm not at all surprised to find that Gene Roddenberry wrote it.

Hank G.

I know many good, well-meaning people think Ford did the right thing by pardoning Nixon, but I disagree. The signal it sent (rather than the healing that Ford was going for) was that if you are high enough in the government, you are not accountable to the rule of law. True, Nixon suffered some, leaving the Presidency in shame, but he never really acknowledged what he had done, and spent the rest of his life in comfort, working on rehabilitating his reputation. A prison sentence would have sent a different message.

Reagan and company might not have been so willing to commit their crimes if there had been a real chance of going to prison. Instead, Reagan skated by by being befuddled, and after becoming president Bush cleaned up the mess (and possibly protected himself) by issuing pardons to principals in the Iran-Contra affair.

Republicans immunized Bush fils from impeachment by impeaching Clinton over a sexual affair, leading to no one in Congress having the stomach for the impeachment of a second consecutive president, and excused complaints about Bush’s & Cheney’s criminal behavior as “trying to criminalize political differences”.

Bitter? Not me.

Mike Peterson

Not a bad analysis, Hank.

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