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Thanks Mike. I am now on an afternoon Rolling Stones Ipod tour with my office door closed and the volume up a little higher than I can get away with. I'll send a picture from the Unemployment Line.

sean martin

I'm getting so inured (bored, perhaps) with all the reports on shootings here and shootings there — there were two others that day; neither of them made much of a mention — and still more shootings over there. Between that and "Look at what Trump did now!" from both sides of the Great Divide, all I can say is: you Yanks are seriously, seriously fucked up. I mean it. I cant even fathom the degree of fucked-up-edness coming out your increasingly demented country these days. Your president is a joke, your congress is a joke, most of your state governments are jokes... and yet you vote these people in and allow them to screw with your lives on such a massive scale that, as they say, I cant even.

Maybe everyone down there enjoys outrage now. Perhaps you guys should make it the new national sport. The American Olympics! Live on CNN! "So, Ted, who do we figure will take gold in social justice this time?"

I dont know if it's that I"m getting old or that my tolerance for such nonsense has reached the end. As far as I"m concerned, maybe it's time to just give everyone a gun and let them all shoot it out. Last person standing gets the whole damn country.

Mike Peterson

Dammit, someone has leaked our cunning plan!


Well Sean, most of the ones who want to shoot it out already have the guns so that time-bomb is tickin' and the rest of us just drink a lot. Martini time anybody?

Mark Jackson

How old folks are treated:


Mike Peterson

The difference, Mark, is that I don't play it like Groucho, who wanted you to think he was scoring with them, but like George Burns who simply sat back and enjoyed the pleasant company.


I haven't been able to track this down, but I remember an exchange from Dad's Army, a BBC series circa 1975 about the Home Guard in WW2, between two men who were probably too old to have served in the Crimean War:

"I don't wear glasses. They make me look old."
"That doesn't bother me. I *am* old."

Turning 50 had its advantages. At 56, I can't pretend I'm not middle-aged. I work at a teaching hospital, and I'm old enough to be the father of most of the residents. I can play the geezer card all I want, and use terms like "kids these days." Though I did tell a couple of my co-workers that if I ever used the term "whippersnapper" and meant it seriously, they should have me put down.

Now where did I put my teeth?


Phred, same here. I'm a bit older than you and found one of my faculty colleagues was born the week I graduated from college. This is a second career for me, so in rank I am peers with people who are legitimately young enough to be my kids. If I am talking music or movies or some life experience issue at school I hang with the Deans. Like you though I like playing the "Geezer card" sometimes. And I have grown to enjoy having young women open the door for me rather than the other way around...

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