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Brian Fies

What I like about Bechdel's strips was what I took as both a fond and pointed criticism of "slacktivism" of the sort that sincerely believes signing online petitions is a blow against injustice. Answering one character bemoaning the fate of Syrian refugees with another who says, "Yeah, but these postcards oughta fix it!" is pretty funny . . . and yet, Bechdel says, send the postcards anyway. "It can't hurt, right?" She writes and draws with appealing self-awareness.

Mike Peterson

I think DTWOF is a case of the artist stopping when she ran out of things to say. She certainly could have rambled on indefinitely, given the depth of her characters and the size of her fan corps, but stopped before it became one of those strips that used to be good.

I miss the strip, but I'd rather miss a good one than keep reading a mediocre shadow of a good one.

Mark Jackson

And then Bechdel turned to graphic memoir, producing the really excellent /Fun Home/ (and the somewhat less excellent /Are You My Mother?/). So it's not like the end of DTWOF meant the loss of her voice.


There is a certain phrase that, at certain times, is the only one that accurately describes a certain situation. "Talking out of his ass" is a phrase that has fit that bill a lot lately and, unfortunately, probably will for quite some time.
And if the "acting Presidential" bar was set any lower ol' Donny Tweets would have to take Limbo lessons.


Oh great. Now I have Alice's Restaurant running through my mind.

As part of my job as a hospital librarian, I attend meetings with attending doctors and residents. One morning I noted to the group that it was the fiftieth anniversary of Arlo Guthrie being arrested for littering. The attending pointed out that he and I were the only ones old enough to understand the reference.

He was right. And don't call me Shirley.

Mike Peterson

Oh hell, there aren't that many of us left who recognize the name "Phred."

Mark Jackson

By the way, the AHCA promoters are really running this "choice" thing into the ground. The CBO projections don't mean your coverage is being "taken away," you're not "losing" your coverage, you're just "choosing not to have health insurance."

"Freedom's just another word
for not being able to afford insurance...."

Brad Walker

About that Mark Twain quote, who wants a stove covered in cat hair?

Mary in Ohio

I ran across a blog this morning that advocated we all send postcards as SUPPORTERS of Trump.I don't know if the idea was to counteract all the rest of the world, or the blogger just missed the memo.

Mike Peterson

It would mean they'd have to read each one. Which is sort of like screaming at the waiter when you're mad at the cook, but still ...

Mary in Ohio

Or just find one and use "alternative facts " to claim they are all positive.

Hildigunnur Rúnarsdóttir

I think we have Trump to thank for that Wilders&co didn't get their landslide victory. The Europeans have taken a long look at what's happening your side of the Atlantic and balked.

Now let's hope the French do too. And the Germans!

Mike Peterson

Embarrassing enough to have that cartoon out there, but even moreso to hear a Dutch voter on BBC saying that they turned out in order to avoid looking like the Americans.

Well, glad we could be an example, I suppose, of any sort. It's like starring in one of those anti-smoking ads, or, as Lincoln is said to have said of the man being ridden out of town on a rail, "If it weren't for the honor, I'd just as soon walk."

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