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Conservatives at the time understood deferments better. They did it to save their own butts and people who didn't were suckers.

Liberals wanted to save their own butts, but convinced themsselves they were 'doing something to end the war'.

I didn't know any libs that later became hawks. I didn't know any cons that didn't.

Romney is the perfect example.

Mike Peterson

There were a lot of people who might have dropped out of college who didn't because they would lose their II-S, but -- other than the few who went to places like Parsons or Franconia specifically to buy a few years of being deferred -- the idea of the deferment being anything more than a temporary respite from the issue never came up anywhere I was in the era.

In retrospect, I don't think the II-S was fair, but, then again, I don't think exempting women from the draft was fair, either, even assuming you wouldn't put them in combat roles (different topic).

Meanwhile, calling out anyone as a "draft dodger" on the basis of having gone to college is ahistorical nonsense. I knew guys who not only were drafted and went after college but who signed up, and I knew guys who went to jail rather than be conscripted. And I knew some gen-u-wine draft dodgers, but they were a small, small group and, as Phil Ochs memorably sang, universally disrespected.

But the II-S had nothing to do with that, Parsons excepted.

sean martin

Palin was pretty well foisted onto McCain by the RNC and some arch-conservative "pundit" (She's a woman! She's conservative!). Considering how little we really knew about her at the time, I dont think it's quite fair to blame him for the mess she eventually proved herself to be. She operated well below the radar until the campaign had really set in, then we saw her true colours.

But one thing about Trump that *is* undeniable is that, for all his supposed business acumen, he's declared bankruptcy four times. Considering you're legally allowed to do that only once every seven years, that's a good chunk of his entire working adult life. Considering further that none of his big time real estate deals has ever turned a profit, that he managed to run a casino into the ground, and that he really doesnt own *anything* — not even his condo in Trump Tower — my bet is that we'll get to the point where they have to file financial papers, and he'll quietly retire from the race so as not to have his smoke-and-mirrors lifestyle exposed for all to see. In the meantime, he's no doubt also quietly moving all those wonderful "campaign donations" to accounts in the Caymans. This whole campaign has been nothing but a bank-account-enhancer and a PR stunt for him, which makes him the perfect political candidate: running for office is his only job right now, and it pays very, very well.

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