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When I saw the title, I tripped to "Inchaote Times". In retrospect, that seems more accurate.

Did it not occur to Kal that part of the problem is not the inability to use power but rather it is the inability to select an appropriate target.

We fund a plethora of intelligence agencies that are apparently engaged in Hoovering up all manner of personal, electronic data on U.S. Citizens. The operative irony being that these agencies couldn't figure out that Russia was going to take a shot at the Crimea or that the Tsarnaev brothers were up to no good in Boston.

We have an administration that operates in a manner that makes interpretive dance appear to be regulatory equivalent of the waltz; from unique perspectives on the coal industry, to attempts to put government censors...sorry investigators...into newsrooms, to using the IRS to punish political detractors. Simultaneously, this bunch seems unable to muster the resolve to accomplish much of anything on the world stage either via the State Department or the DoD.

I wonder if Kal understands that it is a bad thing to have a government that is unrestrained when aimed at its citizens and anemic when engaged abroad?


Mike Peterson

Given that they criticize him for unrestrained use of executive orders which he does at a pace lower than any president in over a century, Dann, and then again, apparently, for not threatening nuclear war, I think incoherent is a perfectly good description.

I can understand them being either honestly too thick to understand what happened in Syria or willing to put some spin upon public ignorance on that topic, but they can't possibly believe the nonsense they spout about Benghazi and the IRS -- if they were truly that stupid and naive, they wouldn't be able to find their way to the office each morning.

And there is a difference between "spin" and "lying." The latter is called propaganda, as in "The Poles attacked our radio station" when in fact they did not.

As for how Ukraine is being handled, they're free to disagree, but their mooning over Putin is as absurd today as it was when W did it a decade ago. You don't go all goo-goo-eyes over a man who murders reporters and invades other countries.

The idea that we should threaten Putin with a missile strike puts the paranoid cowboy-shoot-out fantasies of the George Zimmerman crowd right up there with Dr. Strangelove.

In any case, they are incoherent to not be able to see that Obama is tough when he is able to be tough and more diplomatic when diplomacy is the only practical approach.

If they were as loyal to the national interest as they are to their own (or if those two things were in some measure congruent), they wouldn't be throwing out these inconsistent, incoherent and basically dishonest attacks.

The idea that we'd be okay with nuclear war as long as we didn't have to feed poor children is, indeed, incoherent. And also contemptible.

Lost in A**2

In my fantasy, we would have sunk the Black Sea Fleet, with conventional munitions, a week ago. Without the fleet, Putin doesn't have a lot of use for Sevastopol, or the Crimea. Of course, while aerial bombardment has come a long way since Billy Mitchell's time, so has air defense. :(

Mike Peterson

I suspect that, even if you used conventional weapons, he'd be pissed.

I'm starting to look at this thing and sort out the comments based on who actually remembers the Cuban Missile Crisis and who thinks the "Cold War" was just some media meme about funny little drills where you hid under your desk.

I also remember when Nixon announced the Cambodian Incursion and we though, oh-oh, that could bring in the Chinese. Of course, it didn't, but the Missile Crisis didn't end up in a shooting war either.

I'm really not anxious to return to the days when you watched the news and hoped that somebody out there was sane. In the words of Secretary of Defense Wermer, "Mutual Assured Destruction is no way to go through life, son."


Ya know....

I'm not sure that there is an appreciation for the criticism that I am seeing towards the Obama administration's foreign policy.

The criticism is that he and his foreign policy officials have staked out an American position that is weak, apologetic, and severely reluctant to do much of anything to assert an American interest. It appears to be informed by an anti-colonialist (20th century not 18th century) perspective.

And the result is that we have much less influence on the world stage than we did at the end of 2008.

The criticism isn't that Mr. Obama is specifically wrong on Putin at this moment in time. The criticism is that the long term trend of a defeatist foreign policy perspective is that we can't even rattle our sabers effectively to head off these kinds of things before they get started.

And as for the IRS, we have the current IRS commissioner saying that the actions of the the IRS with respect to the Tea Party groups was incorrect. We have Mr. Obama saying the same thing. The fact is that IRS agents targeted specific groups based on politics.

Each to his own opinions, but we all have to live with the facts as they are.


Mike Peterson

Apparently not.

The IRS has also gone after liberal groups for abusing their status, the difference being that the connivance of large blocs of conservatives to not simply use bogus tax-free status to shelter their political operations but to (foolishly and transparently) use the same code words in filing made it easy -- though, as Obama and the IRS have noted, improper -- to simply do a search using those knee-jerk terms.

That's the fact, Dann.

They were wrong to search that way, they've said they were wrong, but it was a freaking search term, it wasn't a conspiracy. And if Issa and his cronies would put away the torches and retire the Iron Maiden, they might get someone to explain it to them. But as long as they're on a witch hunt, it would be suicidal to even answer their questions. I'd take the Fifth if someone that blatantly partisan was dangling a noose over my head, too. I'd be a damn fool not to.

Here's the other fact we have to live with as it is: Apparently, at long last, they have no sense of decency. And that's not simply despicable and contemptible but very bad for our nation.

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