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Dear Mr Peterson,
At the end of the story, Betsey did let Seth go, but she did so without actually tending his broken ankle, other than a wrap of cloth. If Betsey actually wished for Seth to get home to his family, wouldn't she have actually let his ankle heal up, and then let him go? It s very likely he would die of infection while traveling back to his family.He might even get caught again because of his ankle.

Well, Jeremy, first of all, she tended his ankle just as her mother had treated her father's smashed ankle. So, what more could an 11-year-old do?

And let's think about what happens if he sticks around until his ankle is better. How long could he be in the barn before someone else figured out he was there. And then what would happen? (Would it involve him going home?)

How many other serial stories have you ever wrote?

This is number 11 of stories I wrote, number 16 if you include ones that I edited from other materials, like old fairy tales or oral histories.

Hi Mr.Peterson I have just finished reading the last chapter of your story " I Will Come Home and i was wondering what happened to Jimmy?

I've been wondering that, too, ever since I finished the story, Dylan!

I think this was a great serial story, and I really enjoyed reading it.

Dear Mr. Peterson, do you think you will make more chapters of "I will come home"?

Mr.Peterson I wish you would right another chapter. You should name it Jimmy Come's Home

Dear Mr.Peterson

This story was very good i hope you write more stories like this one i think that you are a really good author and you write really good stories. I wonder if Seth got home ok.

Dear Mike Peterson,

Does Betsy'brother come home? Is there another chapter?

That was a good story Mr.Peterson.

Did Jimmy come home safe? Did Jimmy get his leg healed?

Dear Mr. Peterson,
OMG!You made me jump out of my seat. I wanted to cry. I thought Jimmy was gonna come home. Instead Seth had to go home!That to me is a HUGE twist!Thank you for an awesome story and I would love for you make another story.Will you make another story?
Hanna Sellick

Dear Mr.Peterson,
i liked how betsy let seth go home

Hi mr.peterson what were some of the other serial storys'i bet there pretty cool because this one was awesome! your a great wrighter Mr.peterson.

Dear Mr.Peterson,

I loved chapter 9 in my opinion, it was your best chapter yet.You should make another chapter so we can find out if Jimmy comes back home and so we can find out how every thing works out.I think you should have seth from your serial story send a letter back to betsy saying that he got home safely if you decide to make another chapter

Hi Mr. Peterson, I was wondering if you were going to write another chapter that tells the readers what is happening in the future? Also, I would like to know if you are going to write another serial story and publish it in the Watertown Daily Times?

Hi Mr Peterson, you are such a good author. The I Will Come Home story was very good.I also think the civil war is very interesting.

Glad you guys liked it. I wanted the ending to not be "an ending" to the whole story so much as a way to show how Betsy changed, and how she didn't change.

As for Jimmy and Seth, the story is about how much they wanted to get home, and we can hope that they both were able to keep the promise in the title, and in Jimmy's letters.

Betsy pointed out that not everybody got to come home, but Mr. Jones told her to have faith. I guess that's why I didn't write a chapter to tell how it all came out: I'd rather just have faith without needing proof.

Mike Peterson,since Betsy had a choice to send him back to prison or to let him go home you should have made two stories one that lets him go home and,one were Betsy sends him to prison.


Why did you bother adding in sll of the characters in the setting, i mean, you included them alot in the story but you didnt really make them do anything special in the end. Were they used just to pass time, or did they play an important role that i didnt notice?

Dear Mr.Peterson, you did a very good job writing this story. It was a big twist that Betsy the Seth go home.
From, Kaylee Nortz

I really liked how Betsy had the heart to send Seth back to Louisiana insted of sending Seth to the sherrif or back to the prison.

Dylan, I could have written two stories, but I only wanted to write the one where I respected Betsy for the choice she made.

Elliot, in a short story like this, there's no room for characters who don't make a difference. You'd have to give me an example of one who didn't make a difference in how Betsy decided what to do about Seth.

But let me suggest you think about this: If your third grade teacher taught you what to do in a fire, and then, three years later, your house caught on fire and you did those things and got out safely, would it matter if the teacher was standing there on the day it happened?

I'd say that every character said or did something that Betsy thought about when she made her decision.

Dear, Mr. Peterson

I like the story so far but i really didn't understand what Betsy and Mr. Jones were really talking about. What she was trying to ask him in Chapter nine.

What I thought about the story was that betsy did a good thing to let him go i really in joyed.

Thomas: I think you'll understand if you think about what John Jones did before the war.

Under the law, if you found an escaped slave, you were supposed to turn him or her in so they could be returned to their masters. So Betsy asks Mr. Jones how he felt about breaking the law, and what people might think about him for doing it, and whether he worried about getting in trouble for it. With that in mind, read it again and I think this time you'll get it!

Dear: Mr. Peterson,
I loved the whole story, it was so entertaining! I think my favorite chapter was chapter 9 because I like how Betsy helped Seth escape back to his family in Louisiana.Lastly, are you going to write a Chapter 10?

Dear Mr. Peterson,
Why did Jimmy never come home? That's the title of the story.

dear mr peterson,

I realy enjoyed this serial story, but throuout it I kept thinking to myself wat is a sexton of a church. I asked many people and no one knew. Could you please tell me?

Dear Mr. Peterson,
I really enjoy reading your story, I Will Come Home. But anyways, i have a question for you. How did you get the creation and idea's to wright this story? Did you base the off of real life people or do you just make them up as you go? And how do you think of what will happen next? Sorry for all the questions, have a great day!


But Darius, it's not called "I Did Come Home." It's called "I Will Come Home." So it's up to you to supply that part of the ending: Will he? John Jones says that he will, and Martha Baxter wants Betsy to have faith. So ... what do you think?

Gavin, the only real person in the story is John Jones. I tried very hard to imagine the kinds of things he would say, but that's made up. The facts about him -- how he got to Elmira, what he did on the Underground Railroad and how kindly he tended to the Confederate soldiers when they died -- is all true.

Darius, the sexton is kind of a caretaker for a church, but besides making sure everything is repaired and clean and painted if it needs it and so forth, he would also do things like ring the bell for Sunday services, dig graves and do other special things a church needs to have done.

Dear Mr.Peterson,
I am still wandering if seth really
did go home?And does Betsy's brother come
back from the war, also does he servive
in the war?

I'm still wondering about those things, too, Tiffany!

Dear Mr.Peterson,
Would you write another chapter to this story if u wanted to?

Breanna from Lacs

dear Mr.Peterson I really ejoyed this chapter

Breanna, I would indeed. And remember that I knew how many chapters it was when I began. If I wanted it to end a different way, I could have done it in nine chapters! I planned it to end that way because I wanted to give readers something to think about and to wonder about.

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