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  • Author and editor Mike Peterson has worked with students and teachers since 1993, creating educational materials that are both engaging and educationally sound. He has given workshops for educators on local, regional, state and national levels, has had articles on educational topics published in a variety of publications, and has won international awards for his youth and community programs. His serial stories have appeared in newspapers throughout the United States as well as in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Bermuda. He has also been a newspaper reporter and editor, radio talk show host, magazine writer and advertising professional.

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I can't wait untill i read this book i have ben waiting to read it and im very excited.I want to find out what she is doing
in the barn and what she is going to stab.

i think that the excapted perioners are milking the cow and staling the eggs

i think that the perioers will be found in the barn and that besty will be scared.

Keep reading!!!

This chapter gets you on the edge of your seat i cant wait to see what happens next!!!

This serial story is so exciting! I can't wait to find out what happens next! Great job, Mike Peterson!

What is the runaway prisoner's name . Why didn't he run to the south .

I love the story so far.

Did she find all the prisoners or just one in the barn????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

I'm glad you're enjoying the story and I'm particularly glad that the answer to most of your questions is "Wait and see!" It either means that you're good readers or I'm a good writer (I hope both!).

I was wondering through chapter seven where all of the other prisoners were?

Hi! i really enjoyed this chapter of "I Will Come Home". This story had me sitting on the edge of my seat. I think this is the climax of the story because she finds a man in the hay pile. She finds him and he is an escape prisoner. She doesn't know what to do and that is where the story ends. Can't wait for chapter 8 and chapter 9!

This is not a question or comment about the serial story but I would really like to know if you like being an author a lot or just a little bit and what inspired you to become an author?

I love writing. Any time you can do the thing you most want to do all day long and get paid for it, that's great! I wasn't really "inspired" to do it -- it was just something I enjoyed and that I was good at, so it seemed pretty sensible to try to make a living that way. If I'd been really good at football, I'd have wanted to to that.

But sometimes an athlete becomes a coach or a phys ed teacher, not an NFL star, just like someone who loves hunting and fishing might become a forest ranger or maybe would open a sporting goods store.

this was very good cant wait till the next one

this was a good chapter. i like how it endded because that makes me want to read the next one so i can find out what she does with the prisioners

I like the part where besty meats the reb. I cant wait till the next chapter comes.

i really like this series and cant wait to read the next chapter this one was the best one i read i like how you described the guy p.s im from elmira

hi i really like the story so far but theirs only two more chapters :( and i live in wellsburg i used to live in elmira but i still go to school in elmira its really cool to have a lot of history from elmira and on march 10th i went to that one semetary by the prison its really sad that that many soldiers had died still cant wait untill the next chapter B)

I like this serial story so far. I was so suspicious about who was the egg and milk thief. I would rate this story a 10 and 1/5.

I thought at first that an animal was steeling the eggs the when I read that the cow wasn't producing as much milk as they used to produce so then i knew it had to be an excaped prisoner.

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