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i like how they all heared that the prisoner got free.

Dear, Mr. Peterson Why did betsy say "If it weren't for them, Charlie Stout and Tom Baxter would still be alive, and my brother Jimmy would be home where he belongs?

LACS Kendra

Mr Peterson did the prisoners realy excape from the prison?

This Story is good really good but why does he think that her brother is coming home he is probible starving and sick and cold but in a story anything can happen.I'm a writer myself and in my story's witch I will post later crazy things happen so who can say that he dosen't live.

Dear, Mr. Peterson did Jimmy get out of the prision?

I wonder why ten prisoners escaped.

Dear Mr. Peterson,
I read chapter 5 last night. Did the prisoners really escape in real life? Did Jimmy come home yet?

Now, remember that the escape was at the prison there in Elmira, not Andersonville, where Jimmy is being held. And, yes, there really was a tunnel escape. That part of the story is real history!

And, Kendra, Betsy's thoughts about the enemy prisoners are very much at the center of this story. If there were no war, her brother and his friends would all be home safe and well. That part is, of course, true. But is she right to blame the enemy prisoners? That's what the story is about!

dear mr.peterson
i was wondering if jimmy got out of jail.


Dear,Mr Peterson
I think that the next one is going to be a five star winner.I would give this story five stars.

dear mr.peterson why dose mr.jones the (sexton)treat the rebials so good when they would of kept him as a slave

Dear Mr.Peterson, I was wondering if the rebels got help from Mr.Jones when they escaped from the prison.

Hello Mr. Peterson,I loved Chapter 5, Tunnelers!I am so excited to see if the escaped prisoners get captured.

I like the suspense about the uncaptured prisoners and where they are. I can't wait to see what happens in the future chapters!!!! I think this chapter is one of the best yet. -Anna@Lacs

This story is very interesting and fun to read! I can't wait to finish the story and see if Jimmy comes home.

I love how Betsy is changing throughout the story. At first she wants her brother to come home. Then later she becomes furious with the rebels for keeping her brother. The story is very interesting so far. I have yet to figure out if Jimmy will come home. I can't wait to see!

Dear Mr. Peterson,
I love the story so far! I was really surprised when Betsy lashed out at Mr. Jones like that! I guess she was holding her emotions inside of her for quite awhile. I also don't understand why Mr. Jones doesn't act angry at the rebels. He was a slave once being treated unfairly by the rebels yet he even treats them with care when he buries them. He is a great man! Thank you for writing this serial story for everyone to read! I hope Jimmy will come home.

Mr.Peterson how did the pirsoners from Elmira dig the tunnel to get out

Dear Mr. Peterson,
Did you read any books or magazines to help inspire you to write I Will Come Home?

This is a great story. I write short stories, though none of them are even close to being as good as this, I can never think of creative topics. I was wondering, how do you choose what to write about?

Dear Mr. Peterson,
Why does Betsey keep her feelins to herself? Also why does she get so mad at Mr.Johns for treating the reble solders with great care? I think its really selfish of her.

Dear mr.peterson I have enjoyed your story so far but i wish you could have elaborated more on how the prisoers escaped like who they were. and why are they important if you can could you write back

I wonder how the prisoners got free becuase I thought soldiers were on duty all night.Do you know?

Dear Mr. Peterson,
What inspired you to have Betsy be dropped off at Mrs. Baxter's house by Mr. Jones and why didn't her father drop her off at Mrs. Baxter's house instead? I also have one more question? How come Betsy does not have a pet like a dog or a cat when she is depressed because her brother isn't home?

Dear Mr. Peterson,
When was the tunnel escape? Also how many prisoners escaped in the Elmira prison in real life? Have a nice day

Dear Mr.Peterson,
I like how you used real events in history.I also like jow you used real people, I can't wait to read your next chapter.Please reply soon!


I think the way Jimmie ecscapes prison is by digging a tunnel and taking the underground railroad to Elmira and Mr. Jones is going to be a conductor on the underground railroad.

Dear, Mr Peterson
Why do authors at the end of a story or chapter just end it and make it exiting

Dear Mr.Peterson,
Do you know how many prisoners Mr.Jones has barried?

Dear Mr.Peterson,
I was wondering how did you come up with the characters personalities?

Dear Mr. Peterson, why did you have them escape through a tunnel. How come they couldn't climb the walls of the camp.Ryan@LACS

Mr. Peterson,
Chapter five was a very good chapter and kept me at the edge of my seat! I am very interested to see if Jimmy will come home or not. Also I am looking forward to see what is going to happen to the escaped prisoners!

Dear Mr.Peterson,
When you were writing this serial story why did you have Besty have all of these mixed emotions?

Dear Mr. Peterson,
What is your favorite part of chapter five and why do you like that part?

Hi Mr.Peterson I loved chapter five. I was wondering if Betsy was an unexpected child because her brother is so much older than her. I also can't wait until chapter six.

Do we ever get to meet the brother of Mr. Jones and if his brother is even still alive?

There are a lot of "wait and see" questions here, so, wait and see!

There really was a tunnel escape, but I don't want to talk too much about it because the story is still going on. And, as I recall, John Jones's brothers were both still alive during the war, but I don't know what they were doing or how long they lived afterwards.

But here's a fact that I can tell you without ruining the story: John Jones's brother-in-law (his wife's brother) was in the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, which was the famous African-American military unit that was in the movie "Glory." I thought that was pretty cool!

Why the age difference between Jimmy and Betsy? Well, there could be a lot of reasons, and one is that medicine wasn't nearly as good in those days as it is today, so there might have been some kids in between who didn't live very long. A little baby who got sick could be in a lot of trouble in the days before antibiotics and other medicine. Not very pleasant to think about, but having two kids 10 years apart might not have been that unusual back then. (And my mom and her brother were 16 years apart for no particular reason except that it just happened that way. Nobody in between!)

And, Dillon, we do it that way because we want you to keep reading!!!

Dear: Mr.Peterson,
Have you wanted to be a writer all you're life?

I've always liked writing, but when I was about your age, I wanted to either be a forest ranger or a veterinarian. But as I got older, I just found that I liked writing so much that I didn't want to do anything else.

I still enjoy walking through the forest and I love dogs, but writing is what I'm really good at and it's what I really enjoy doing all the time, and that's important when you choose a job!

Why did the rebals not take the sum guns from the amory?

Well, for one thing, they were trying to escape, not trying to get into a fight! But also, how would they get in? It was hard enough just digging a tunnel that would go beyond the wall -- to dig one into the armory and then out again would have taken way too long!

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