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  • Author and editor Mike Peterson has worked with students and teachers since 1993, creating educational materials that are both engaging and educationally sound. He has given workshops for educators on local, regional, state and national levels, has had articles on educational topics published in a variety of publications, and has won international awards for his youth and community programs. His serial stories have appeared in newspapers throughout the United States as well as in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Bermuda. He has also been a newspaper reporter and editor, radio talk show host, magazine writer and advertising professional.

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Mr. Peterson, my students have started reading this serial story. I think they will enjoy this story. The first video has some very powerful images using primary documents. Mrs. S. at LACS

I like the first chapter it really sets up the story. micah @ LACS

I am really enjoying this serial story so far and I am excited for the next chapter to come out. I also have a question; what went through your mind when you were writing this serial story? -Madison N.@LACS

I think the first and second chapter is pritty good.You are a realy good weighter Mr.Peterson. Michael @ LACS

Glad you guys are all enjoying it. I think you'll start to see more about what I was thinking after the story goes along a little farther. In all good stories, the main character changes, and Betsy is going to do some hard thinking about things before this story is over!

Our 6th grade students are also enjoying this weekly read. They shared some background knowledge, and are enjoying learning new information about the past that occurred right here in Elmira, NY.
Mrs. Romeo

I'm very pleased to have this story running in its own hometown!

Christopher Baldwin and I visited Elmira, spent some pleasant and valuable time with Rachel at the Historical Society and then went down and walked along the river where the prison camp had been and paid a visit to the cemetery. It helped us very much with both the writing and the artwork.

You have a very nice town and you've done a good job of remembering your past!

i like the story of i will come home alot i cant wait to get the next chapter
have fun typing lol

this is the best passage out of all of the ones i have read i cant wait until next time

how did you come up with the title

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